Sunday, February 18, 2007

cookie bouquets continued...

you know what is an appropriate sweet sixteen present? this cookie bouquet. you know what isnt appropriate? any of the things they do on MTV's sweet sixteen birthday party show. i think my faith in humanity might be permanently shaken from viewing this particular MTV program (real world and next are so contrived and made for consumption that its harmless) but there are really people that are that have really expensive parties for their real sweet sixteen party. here is the deal. people say they are scared of the world when they watch the news and they realize all the crime and war and problems and meanness and anger that goes on. but i think what is more scary is my sweet sixteen party. i watch that show and i think if i was poor and my family was starving to death and i was watching my sweet sixteen party and a family spent twice as much on invitations for some lame ass party than my family made in an entire year i would probably consider armed robbery. thats why i think sweet sixteen is the most offensive show on tv and encourages crime. i dont think children should be allowed to watch it. it should come with one of those adult ratings.

and thats why i get pretty sad when my sweet sixteen party is on and not maui fever.

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becky said...

i agree that show is horrible. so are the parents who do that for their children. they should have never been allowed to procreate. never.