Wednesday, February 14, 2007

delicious sugar cookie bustiers

i spent a lot of time (24 minutes) today trying to figure out what is the best thing about valentines day. this is what i came up with

1) not flowers (environmental issues coupled with allergies)
2) not diamonds (human rights issues coupled with i hate those damn commercials)
3) not dinner (who wants to wait that long?)
4) not boyfriends (that can get weird fast)
5) sugar cookies

sugar cookies! i love those. so you can imagine that it was a valentines day miracle when someone accidentally delivered one of those cookie bouquets to my office. yes i took home a cookie bouquet to Tom from Lindsey. i dont think that makes me a bad person. those things have a short self life. so what kind of delicious valentines cookies did i take home...lingerie ones. what you say? not hearts or butterflies or maybe bunnies? yeah the cookies were decorated in such a way to resemble lingerie. can you sexualize the sugar cookie? can a heart really be wearing a teddy? am i sort of offended? are you trying to turn on your significant other with a cookie bouquet? cookies?

i thought maybe i was overreacting to the lingerie sugar cookie so i took a poll to see how weird people ranked sugar cookies decorated to look like lingerie on a scale from one to ten. here were the results:

brian 7 or 8
todd 9
colleen 5-6
arlo 6 (unless its a coworker who stares at you and breathes funny then its a 8)
samantha 11
jacob 7
and me 8.5

so i guess sugar cookies arent as sexy as you might (but probably didnt) think.

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