Saturday, February 10, 2007

OCD update

i have had a pretty moderate to severe case of OCD since i graduated from high school. it only involves hands. i cant get over the fact i think they are germ infested. i dont like them (including my own) anywhere near my mouth or food. which doesnt make me a germ freak people. please i dont care if you drink from my straw or use my toothbrush. just dont touch my food dammit.

shane suggested that for the new years i stop being OCD. mostly he didnt want to move from the bench and let me out so i could wash my hands. shane can be so sensitive. anyway, something magical must have happened that day because my OCD is really clearing up (i am sort of implying shane might have magical powers, but i dont think he knows about them). i can eat things i touch like 30% of the time (this is seriously such an improvement but the 0% of the time i used to deal with) and i let bean put his fingers in my mouth. it is easier for me to go to places where i have to watch people make my food and touch it at the same time. i let my mom butter my muffin. yeah these are some pretty amazing break throughs. i wouldnt be surprised if some science journal publishes about it pretty soon.

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