Sunday, April 15, 2007

i am glad easter involves ham

today in sunday school i thought it would be fun to try and guess what was in lee's easter basket. it was ok because i had that lesson last week. his mom ended up using pink grass. but i think everything else was about right.
after church i went over to the 21 year old's house. these were the contents of his easter basket. law school books, knives (4 to 5) and candy. his dad did his easter basket this year.

this was the last really good easter i had. i made a killing that year. you cant see it but there are a helluva lot of eggs in that basket. it was also the last time i had awesome gray velcro shoes. easter 84, i think of you often.


OldEnough said...

1) i still have velcro shoes. 2) where did he get those knives?

natali said...

i dont know. a camping store, on tv or maybe in maybe the jockey box of your car...hard to tell.

Colls said...

what do you plan on eating for memorial day? (i'm planning ahead)

natali said...

fish tacos.