Monday, April 09, 2007

shake it up

here are my parents. they are probably thinking of my future. it makes them nervous i think. maybe it comes from the fact they are pretty sure i am never going to get married. i have always had this problem telling my parents about the dating/boy sphere in my life so i think they assume that no such sphere exists. once my grandma announced to the whole family she was pretty sure i liked girls and not boys since i never brought boys around. leave it up to grams to start circulating lesbian rumors. anyway, last night i decided i was going to make serious and unprecedented efforts to communicate with my parents about boys. so when i saw an opportunity to discuss i took it. here was how the conversation went: (picture me really nervous and walking away)

mom: natali did you go out to eat last night?
me: no mom i went to see a boy
my dad from downstairs: a boy?
mom: yes she said boy B-O-Y
dad: who?
mom: i am scared to ask
me: (i was scared too)

that was it. ground breaking i know.


becky said...

i love george and carolyn SO MUCH

ck said...

aw, look how happy you made them! even if you aren't going out with a boy, this might be one of those "positive lies" where it's okay to lie and say you are with a boy just to make your parents happy - it's worth it and there's even a slim chance it wouldn't come back to bite you

OldEnough said...

was your mom scared to ask because you told her he had a switchblade?

punk rock girl said...

no but maybe she found my diary entry that read: dear diary: tonight i am meeting a boy i dont know on a isolated hill in the dark. he told me he has a switchblade. thats cool. well gotta run. love, natali

ps i am wearing my new joes jeans. they are too long. but i really like the wash. they are going to be great for summer.

becky said...

you know that joes jeans makes them too long on purpose and you're supposed to get them altered so they are custom fit to you, right? if you didn't know that, now you do.

punk rock girl said...

well i have to alter all my jeans. maybe its because i am short...

becky said...

i like "bite-sized". i've always thought it described you best.

Colls said...

my favorite part about this blog is trying to figure out if carolyn is wearing
a. head phones
b. ear muffs
c. something she made in enrichment

Colls said...

you told your diary about the switch blade? strawberry shortcake had better keep that to herself.