Saturday, April 28, 2007

i would be very surprised if he has even killed one person

shane and i ate lunch together yesterday. shane pointed out it was a bust. he was right. that didnt stop us from eating dinner. that was kind of a bust too but no one pointed it out. after dinner we wanted to go to amazing grace but that didnt start until 10 and it was 8:30 so we rented a movie. this involved walking around blockbuster for about an hour until we finally decided on a movie neither of us wanted to watch so as not to put out the other person. i could tell the movie was going to be a bust as well. but sometimes you cant stop these sorts of things you just have to ride them through.

anyway this blog was supposed to be my movie review of scoop. so here is my review. i KINDA liked it. yeah thats right. i spent the first 24 minutes apologizing for getting it instead of half nelson. and then i spent the next 10 minutes trying to decide if we should turn it off and play guitar hero. but then woody allen really came through for me and started telling the best jokes. most of them involving scarlett johansson's promiscuity like "well did you accomplish anything besides a possible pregnancy?" and he had other good one liners. the whole movie is filmed more like a play then a movie but i kind of liked that as well. anyway, its a pretty good movie built on being predictable and over the top. but maybe get half nelson if its an option.


becky said...

i loved half nelson. big BIG mistake. followed by watching that movie better be all you did.

natali said...

i also tried to sleep over but shane traded in his cal king for a twin. he is such an extremist.

natali said...

oh and it wasnt going to be that kind of sleep over if that is what you are implying.