Tuesday, April 17, 2007

lets make it work tonight

Dear EC:

Maybe you care about my gene pool and I don't really blame you. So here is my nephew. He has been our only attempt so far so you don't have a lot to go on. I am really sorry about that. No one else has expressed much interest in reproducing. But I can tell you this much, my family has been plagued with hayfever, allergies to fur, and eczema for generations. Furthermore, no one in my family has ever won a spelling bee and our eyesight is hit and miss. I wouldn't say we are super athletic but Grandpa played college ball and I won third place in the 50 meter race in the fifth grade. Anyway EC if you want kind of skinny kids with bad grammar and skin diseases you know where to look. I have to go finish watching Gilmore Girls. I sort of think Luke is Lorelei's EC. Do you think that too? Talk to you later (for eternity).




Colls said...

nat, you know how you used to live with me. well your EC didn't know you moved so i got this letter in the mail. it reads
"dear natali,
my heart leaps with excitement. i not only have skin diseases, but i have boils, sores, and herpes. i do think luke is her EC, but i also think scooby is shaggy's EC. do you agree? your nephew is beautiful and you are a pretty pretty princess."
ec love machine

natali said...

i should probably change my mailing address huh.