Sunday, June 29, 2008

i heard the lamanites had it coming

(my sewing machine broke last week and im not going to fix it for reasons that i am not going to expound on here-anyway, i would appreciate any sewing machine brand/model recommendations anyone may have)

i wonder if ants charge. (like rhinoceroses). i like to sit in the same place in the park. i rarely move unless there is a friendly dog or people close by. you know normal things to be avoided. some ants i know also like the same place in the park. they are always there. but i like that seat so i decided to make it work (out of a combination of laziness, stubbornness and habit).

now i am not afraid of ants. and i dont mind them crawling on me. but they are natural born explorers and shouldnt be trusted. at first i gently brushed them off*. then i starting avoiding them by moving around to let them pass. i felt like i was really going out of my way to make them feel comfortable. but then one of them had the nerve to charge? me. it felt pretty personal so i left.

upon exiting the park i realized i had a hard choice to make. which way to walk. there was a couple cuddling on a blanket that i was curious about (anyone who touches another person in 90 degree weather makes me wonder what is going on) and then a wedding party. maybe a wedding. i choose the wedding. i dont know i am still sort of regretting it. i guess i took the road more traveled.

*i feel its appropriate to apologize to brian since he loaned me the book i was using as the ant brusher offer. however, to my knowledge no ants were killed and i know he would have wanted it that way.


marshall p said...

I'm house sitting a friendly dog. she is nice. I should've invited you to the mill creek canyon bbq. my bad. usually on sunday afternoons we (cindy, me, jake and whichever girl he's scromping) go to the park and hang out and eat chips and drink sodas or whatever. I'll call you! I forgot!

brian said...

only some ants are natural born explorers. let me restate: only some anta in a given colony are natural born explorers

natali said...

well these ones seemed like the exploring kind. and sort of unfriendly. but i am getting over it.

natali said...

oh i like bbqs and parks. this jake guy sounds like a charachter! call me next time for sure.

Erik said...

i declared war on all ants after my experiences in brasil... when they decided to make colony in my book of the mormons overnight and i went to read it and about 1 million (no lie) ants (most carrying eggs) poured out of the binding, where they had decided to feast on the word of mormons. that was the last straw for me and the trauma was complete. don't let them lull you into complacency, i know they plan on taking over the world... or at least its libraries.

natali said...

thats really gross. this is why i stopped listening to mission stories.