Wednesday, June 11, 2008

once we found out we were both librarians

i got two emails from my sister in law today. one was a fairy who is supposed to bring me luck. the second was entitled a black columnist on obama. i read them both.

sometimes i think if i had a conversation with obama about that article it would go something like this:

me: i read an article today about you today.
obama: did it talk about how eloquent i am?
me: yes but i am getting to that. have some patience.
obama: sorry. im just so rattled after finally getting the nomination.
me: thats understandable. anyway the first part of the article is about how we shouldnt vote because of race and that you are very very liberal.
obama: will you vote for me?
me: no i dont think i am going to vote anymore. but for anyone not just you.
obama: are you sure?
me: yeah. i am thinking of moving to france and living by johnny depp. eventually he would leave his girlfriend and marry me. and we would be pretty happy for awhile but i dont know. should i trust him? i mean he is just going to leave me like his girlfriend?
obama: i dont know natali. thats a hard call. you just have to go with your heart.
me: you are right. anyway the article also said the book of revelations describes an anti-Christ who will be a man, MUSLIM (it was capitalized in the article), who uses persuasive language...
obama: seriously i give a helluva speech. but i never wear flag pins. did you know?
me: yes i heard. anyway the man will bring false hope (i am assuming socialized medicine) and when he is in power he will destroy everything. and that guy is probably you.
obama: destroy everything?
me: yeah not just the constitution. everything. im assuming if you are president the earth might blow up.
obama: sooooo i have your vote?
me: oh bama.
obama: (chuckle)


B. said...

I gave him $25.

brian said...


becky said...

first all the children in the world are going to be atheist because parents took them to see The Goldon Compass and NOW the world is going to explode because Obama is so good at public speaking! WHAT'S NEXT??

natali said...

b remember when you gave me your vote sticker? that was nice.

Holdinator said...

My favorite thing about those emails (ok, my least favorite thing, my pet peeve really) is that they "quote" scripture that doesn't exist. Unless there is some hidden verse in the New Testament that really does talk about Islam six hundred years before its creation.

brian said...

but most christians believe that the old testemant refers to jesus 1000 years before he was born. or what about joseph smith. the book of mormon claims to know about him more than 200 years before he was born. it all depends on how you interpret the text.

brian said...

i mean, revelations is a tricky book of scripture. i dont have any idea what it's talking about. supposedly, john new about planes 1850 years before they were created. since revelations is supposedly written about the future and is full of cryptic messages and symbols, it can pretty much be read to mean anything.

natali said...

dont worry everyone i took a class in college and i learned what all the horsemen represent.

blue plague, red war, purple plague.

fine i dont remember.

bud g chord said...

the only way i would vote for obama is if he'd really end the world. otherwise i'm voting independent.

natali said...

well you can never trust a politician to do anything. best vote independent.

Holdinator said...

I think you got it right, Natali. Blue plague, red war, purple plague, it's actually a cryptic message for a quilt pattern.

natali said...

well hello brian how are you doing? its been awhile!

Holdinator said...

Yeah, it has been a while. Strange how things happen; your blog was linked to b's blog which was linked to rip colbert's blog, and rip was my trainer on my mission.