Sunday, June 08, 2008

i suspect fellowshipping

i might be catholic on the inside. there is probably a quiz i could take somewhere but i havent found it. at a young age i realized i loved cathedrals and had to fight the urge to cross myself. and when i was sixteen i wanted a gold cross necklace so bad but i didnt want to break my moms heart or anything. my friend told me he wanted to be catholic for the wine and the low moral expectations.* i dont know about that i just like stained glass. and i am fond of saints.** and candles. but not the scented ones i just like the ones you light for peoples souls.

so i made this scrap quilt. i think it may be a miracle quilt because i made it to use up my scraps but instead my scraps have multiplied. its sort of like the parable of the fishes and the loaves. but with fabric. that i wanted to get rid of. so even if its a miracle i didnt really want it. but thanks i guess.

*i dont know anything about catholic moral expectations but i did get an A in world religions and my friend eric got an A-. i know that he reads this sometimes and i just wanted to remind him that i know way more about religious shit. half a grade more.
**once my friend got a saint bracelet for a cup of coffee.


brian said...

hey, that was me. half the saints on the bracelet were baby saints. i'm not sure if they're pictures of saints when they were babies or babies who performed miracles.

Erik said...

ok now we're fighting.
*2 problems... 1st off, it's eriK, not eriC, miss nataliE. :)

2nd... the second problem was that I got a damn A-. Wait, are we sure that I got an A-? I think my mind has replaced that "-" with a "+" because we all know that I deserved the A, because...because...


because i'm a heathen, and jesus loves you more. that's why you got the A and i got the A-. fine.

apparently the 2 years i spent in servitude to The Dude (notice the capitalization of The Dude to show respect) counted for crap as far as scoring some extra Love from on high.

thanks for the salt in the wounds.

@#$%^# religions anyhow. and no, i'm not bitter.

natali said...

do you spell erik like the prince on the little mermaid?

secondly, the Dude loves you plenty. because of that class you met me which i can only assume is the best thing to come out of your BYU education.

becky said...

for the record, i got an A in the same class. sorry erik

crystal said...

if you want to find out if you are catholic inside you can take a quiz at
my name is crystal, there was a link to your blog at my friend marsha's blog. you are great!

natali said...

oh thanks! turns out i am mormon. who would have thunk it.