Sunday, June 15, 2008

i missed the balloons

springville is the art city. we take it pretty seriously. as seriously as the devil. red devils anyway. i went to this flower show in the art museum.
and then there was more art at this quilt show. (and by art i just mean paintings in addition to the quilts).
oh and then more art at the art show.
the end.


B. said...

that springville art museum has some real good art.

natali said...

remember when i invited you to art city days? i bet this post filled you with regret because you didnt come down.

brian said...

i cant even see the paintings

natali said...

i wasnt sure i was allowed to take pictures so i had to wait until all the senior citizens turned their heads. and by turned their heads i mean nodded off.

did i mention this art show was at the senior citizens center?