Friday, June 20, 2008

these are tense linguistic times

recently i read a blog where a girl listed what she ate everyday. i think she was trying to lose weight. anyway, it wasnt half bad. what does this have to do with post? nothing. except that i am tempted to just start writing what i eat everyday.*

today i walked to a quilting store conveniently located in downtown salt lake only to find it closes at 5:55. but that isnt the strange thing. the strange thing is that it was 6 pm on a work day and i had already been to three quilt stores. that story wasnt that great.

let me try again.

i am trying to grow a daffodil. i bought one of those grow your own daffodils pots. you may have seen them. i didnt realize it was a lot of work. first of all. i have to keep it somewhere cool for sixteen weeks and water it once a day. so its in my fridge. and i havent watered it once. i am betting against my daffodil making it. but i will keep everyone updated on its progress. towards death.

sorry its been a slow week.

*the internal battle goes something like this "no one wants to read about what you eat" "but i really like lists" "doesnt matter. boring" "it could be fun" "seriously is this still being debated" "granola bar, milk, green tea, sandwich, green tea, milk, veggie burger, banana" "that was horrible never do that again" "fine. jerk"


Anonymous said...

Oh no, you bought into the "grow your own daffodil" scheme as well? I just ended up with a pot with many green stalks, kind of like weeds, but more droopy.
But maybe you're one of the lucky ones. Perhaps you bought actual daffodils and not tall floppy grass bulbs. Tell me how it goes.

brian said...

you shouldn't be so hard on yourself

natali said...

this post was actually going to be about how i am addicted to coffee flavored green tea. and how my dad walked in on my drinking it and said are you drinking coffee and i was like of course not im drinking coffee flavored tea. so dont even worry.

marshall p said...

1. I live for lists...
2. I love green tea too! we have so much in common!
3. are you on facebook?
4. hot yoga! I think it might actually be too hot for hot yoga.
5. I am against puking.
6. those daffodils are exceptionally hard to grow. someone gave me something like that not once but twice and I failed miserably both times.
7. stalk you!
8. where do you get coffee flavored green tea???
9. have you tried the truly delicious jasmine tea they have at whole foods/wild oats?
10. it is truly delicious.
10. a. if you like bobo/bubble teas they have it now at indochine on 13th!

brian said...

ps i heard that green tea is against the word of wisdom. but so is, depending on how you read it, eating meat in the summer

natali said...

oh those sound delicious. i drink green tea hp which is some sort of supplement which is going to change my life. what is bubble tea?

the word of wisdom is pretty complicated but i think green tea is a borderline substance. so just think of me as edgy.