Friday, March 16, 2007

dont get my dad a birthday balloon. he wont say anything but he thinks its a waste of money.

this is how hayden says happy birthday grandpa

in our family we like to go out to eat at sizzler. that explains the look on trevor's face. oh actually me sticking my finger in trevors ear right before i took this picture explains the look on trevor's face.
i didnt get my dad a birthday present. i am not sure what to give him. my mom said her favorite presents from me include no longer calling her carolyn and taking out my belly button ring. i call my dad dad and i am fresh out of body piercings. fortunately i finally have money and no longer have to resort to gifts of love. anyway my mom has a pretty good sense of humor. its good because she lies about things that arent funny to people that dont know her and then she acts like they have an inside joke. for example:

w (waitress): who has the dr. pepper?
c: thats mine but put it here (indicating trevor's spot who actually ordered the dr. pepper and then smiling knowingly at w)

this is funny because my mom doesnt drink caffeine and thinks its morally wrong to do so and so she thinks the waitress will think that its funny that she said it was hers. she has lots of good jokes like that.

although it was my new years resolution not to swear in front of my family i accidentally said shit (there was an incident with shrimp). my mom said i wasnt raised around that word. not that i pointed it out but technically thats not true. my grandpa said shit all the time (so i am guessing she was also raised with that word). anyway, does she remember when i was 7 i decided shit wasnt a swear word and that i wanted to use it. after i got my mouth washed out like five times with soap i decided that even if i didnt think it was a swear (i was wrong) i had better stop using it. it was fun while it lasted. but it reminded me of how much i liked that word in the second grade.

anyway i thought it might be good to go on a little walk after the swear overhear. hayden and i sported pretty good foot wear. i have some new pink moccasins and hayden has some new blue flip flops. we walked around sizzler so everyone could enjoy our kicks while they enjoyed their cheese toast. i know i enjoyed both those things. yet another successful family night out.

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