Monday, March 19, 2007

jean mystery

i am the proud owner of these boyfriend jordache jeans. the last couple of days i have really pushed myself to understand what boyfriend jeans means. i finally realized that boyfriend fit means that they fit looser in the leg (not in the ass dont worry). apparently i could have googled that and saved myself a lot of thought on the subject. i am a pretty big fan of really tight jeans so i am really glad that i am pushing myself jean wise to wear ones that i am more unsure of. i am kind of sad that boyfriend jeans doesnt refer to the growing trend of men wearing jeans designed for women. that is what i hoped it meant for the first day but i knew that would be too good to be true. so in case anyone else was confused on the matter its yet another jean mystery solved.


ck said...

is it funny to anybody else that boys are now wearing girl jeans and girls are wearing boy jeans?? we need to have a universal class on gender roles i think

punk rock girl said...

it makes sense to me because there are better jeans made for women. if i was a man i would buy jeans for women as well. genderizing jeans is probably a scam.

Colls said...

after reading this, i am ready for another jean consultation. natali you never stop wowing me.