Sunday, March 11, 2007

ipod paralysis

i have been trying to buy an ipod for 2 years. and i really want one. breena once told me when you get an ipod you dont need friends. which kind of makes me think they might be some kind of drug which could be good for me since i dont have insurance and i get sad around this time of year. anyway, i have never been able to decide on which one to get. i mean seriously. how the hell do i make this kind of decision. i dont know how much music i want or what size is best or if i want to watch videos or save pictures or if i should get it to match my room or if i should buy it on ebay or just get it from apple. my 21 year old said that if i buy an ipod with 8 gigs then i am buying emotion and i dont even know what that means.

its ipod paralysis. and i have it bad.

today i am leaning towards the shuffle. i dont know its small and i can wear it to yoga so i dont have to listen to that shitty music they insist on playing which is some mix between nature sounds and bob marley. i dont know. those are my current thoughts. i am currently taking suggestions on this topic...

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becky said...

i have the same problem. there are too many choices and i know i'll buy one and the next week they'll come out with something better and i'll be stuck