Thursday, March 29, 2007

i know you would rather see me gone then how i am

its general conference weekend. i know because golds gym is offering a general conference weekend special with a personal trainer. which i might take them up on. anyway, i think its important to have a list of things you do whilst listening to conference and i like to plan ahead for the occasion. here are a couple of my ideas:

1) clean (usually something i save that for sundays despite that saturday is a special day song)
2) quilt (i think i will give it to lee)
3) try and break in my new shoes
4) i think i may have to sue some people
5) see how many pushups i can do (i estimate 43) (girl ones)
6) get insurance
7) give myself a mani/pedi
8)sell some jeans on ebay

i have also decided i am going to change the channel when any women speak if they use that one voice. i hate that voice. i think maybe if we all start changing the channel or walking out if viewing in a stake center then the church would tell women speakers its not necessarily to talk like they are mothering us. and why do they always speak about kids? so basically they are speaking about kids like they are talking to kids. its time they get more interesting topics and get to use regular voices and inflection. does anyone else really wish that? i tell you what i miss that sheri l. dew.


ck said...

i'm pretty sure they've tried sustaining women without the voice and they get shot down because of that missing talent. it's sad really.

i'll join the revolution and walk out on the voice

OldEnough said...

you have 4 posts on jeans and 5 on self-help. thought you'd enjoy this.

punk rock girl said...

i really hope self help isnt just a euphemism for sweat shop...and i did enjoy the article. thank you.

Lane said...

i'm sure there are some little old ladies out there that love the voice.

it's not all about you, punk rock girl. ;)

punk rock girl said...

its true but do we often wonder if is mostly about me? fortunately they dont really let women talk so i didnt have to endure it.

becky said...

sherry dew didn't have that voice. did they ever think that's why she has so many female fans in the church? no, wait, everyone knows its because she's still single and seemingly ok with that.

natali said...

my problem with the voice is not that is is annoying which it is but that i think it encourages stereotypes of what mormon women should look like that dont actually reflect most faithful women in the church and as such only lead to discouragement and feelings of not belonging. that is why i dont like the voice.