Wednesday, March 14, 2007

i am loving the daylight i am saving

i was instructed to find a boyfriend before this kid turns one.

yeah i changed my blogs name. i should probably just explain it now so that the three people who read this can stop scratching their heads (that is a term for when you are confused right? my dad and i were watching fatal attraction murder mystery on tv and i would have asked him but he left to go talk to my mom). anyway, once my friend marcus said the bags out and we realized a couple of seconds later that he meant to say the cats out of the bag and we thought the bags out was probably better anyway and so we decided to say that instead. which is perfect for me because i have never been able to quote a damn thing right my entire life.

and in my life the bag is usually out.

my dad is loving this fatal attraction. he can barely decide if he wants to watch it or the jazz game more. i do feel bad for this lady. the guy keeps stealing her underwear. i mean how annoying is that. i hate buying new underwear. the lady didnt show up for work. george is getting more and more nervous. as he should be because that lady totally died.

my parents have pretty good conversations for people who have no real communication skills.

here was the last conversation:

g: natali is watching this murder mystery show (he thinks if he wants to watch it my mom wont let him)

c: i like murder mysteries (enthusiastically)

g: not this one because i like it and you dont like the murder mysteries i like (i dont think that was fair because my mom really does like murder mysteries)

c: i have diabetes, gout and high blood pressure. is there anything else i should have? (she doesnt have any of those things)

i tuned out here. mostly because this murder mystery is getting pretty good. the jazz game is out and fatal attraction is in.

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