Tuesday, January 08, 2008

its hard for a young girl living in a haunted house

for awhile i hoped my camera was haunted but i think it was because i was reading a lot of toni morrison. i like ghosts stories. once i was dating someone and he said he had the best ghost story but wouldnt tell me. he said the circumstances had to be right or some bull shit. obviously i am glad we broke up.

where was i. oh yes hillary clinton. i dont really care about the presidential election for more reasons than i care to list. i do like the sounds of president huckabee. in that i like the actual sound. so far huckabees name is my favorite thing about the presidential race. but i did think this was interesting. i wrote a paper once about women in politics. i cant remember what the title was. i hope it was catchier than women in politics. anyway it compared esther, queen elizabeth I and hillary clinton (i briefly considered pocahontas) and their influences in the political sphere. my premise was that women affected politics through sexual activity (by either having it or not having it), marriage (by not being married or marrying political figures), appearance (reflective of virginity and/or sexuality) and by the portrayal of traditional female or male characteristics. sometimes both but always extremes. basically, a model for female politicians is still being ironed out. or i guess an acceptable model. although hillary clinton briefly teared up during an interview i doubt it was an indicator of her ability to successfully manage a country or that she was on her period.

i am not sure what i would label as the feminist agenda (mostly i doubt you can label it). my boss (who gets a lot of play on this blog) proffered that it measured a womans success by her ability to distance herself from feelings, behavior and attitudes traditionally held or encouraged in women and adapt more "male" feelings, behaviors and attitudes. i told him i found this idea offensive and at its core anti-feminist. this theory was also endorsed by some of my female professors in law school. they encouraged us to never wear pink and try to learn how to golf. screw that. how is succeeding as a woman mimicking a man?

what i am trying to say is i bet somewhere out there tonight mitt romney is bawling his eyes out.

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