Thursday, January 31, 2008

the way she said babe made me sad

i love the brothers. one more than the other but its like a barely more sort of thing.

they want to win the effing amazing race so they can stop working. its a noble goal. the old american dream was to get a job and work your way up. the new american dream is to try and not work and still be up. anyway it got me thinking about what i do everyday.


alarm. pushed snooze. pushed snooze. pushed snooze.
put on a sweater vest.
drove for an hour and a half (car accident)(not me)(yet).
went to the state hospital for mental health commitment hearings.

how are the voices?
they are out level 4. i can live with that.

went to costco to buy my boss a birthday cake. he likes carrot. gross. texted fight to ask him if chocolate cake is ok even though carrot is the birthday boy's preference.

"its about celebrating the occasion and eating chocolate cake"

bought the chocolate cake. went to birthday party. office coffee crisis ensued:

boss: we have a coffee situation. the coffee smell is really strong. its like i am in juice and java.
natali: yeah i thought someone had come into my office and had a cup or pot or whatever the largest amount of coffee possible is yesterday.
paralegal 1: the new guy makes it very strong and often.
boss: what can be done? firing all the coffee drinkers seems extreme (but legal). can we buy some sort of anti odor coffee maker?
paralegal 2: oh yes bishop (my boss just got called as bishop) i would like to see you buying a new coffee maker.
boss: yes that would be frowned on...natali can buy it. she is liberal.
natali: i just googled it. they dont make them.
boss: i read a study that said if you drink coffee your chance of miscarriage goes way up.
file clerk: yeah and if you have an abortion your chance of having a premature baby goes up. having an abortion affects not one but two babies.
paralegal 2: that sounds like a bumper sticker.
natali: i hate bumper stickers.
boss: i am just saying maybe Joseph Smith was onto something...

you are calling about that subpoena?
yes. long pause.
you have a question?
yes. long pause.
please ask the question already.

played scrabble. checked blog, played scrabble.

long conversation about hate speech legislation and how i think the ACLU is intellectually dishonest. but who isnt.


lawyer in office: natali how are you on ethics?
natali: this seems like a trick question. but i got a B.


ck said...

i love the brothers too and will dedicate all my fasts and prayers to them getting on the amazing race

natali said...

they didnt get in. if only they had thought to do the video with their shirts off.

B. said...

Remember when we used to play scrabble? I miss those days.

natali said...

you have been so sentimental lately.

ck said...

oh i'm so sad. it was probably the mention of being virgins. that never makes for good prime time television. sorry to hear the sad news, the brothers crandall

natali said...

oh they threw in everything they could. but i am surprised shanes blue stripy shirt didnt get them in. i love that shirt. i always wonder if it could fit me...

brian said...

i liked your poem

natali said...