Wednesday, January 23, 2008


did anyone else have a panic attack when heath ledger died? and not the OMG heath ledger died what a hunk kind but the more like the 9-11 of OMG anyone can die at anytime sort of panic attack? i sort of did. and you worry that you lived your whole life wrong and that you made ridiculous choices and that you could have been a better at a long list of things.

anyway, if you call in sick the next day it really helps.


lisa said...

I had that reaction when Kurt Cobain died, so I totally know what you mean. I honestly wore black to school the next day.

natali said...

i just wore those bunny sweats. because i really was sick.

becky said...

it's just sad when anyone that young dies. especially when they have a 2yr old. especially when they're dreamy.

them. not their 2yr old.

ThomCarter said...

it is sad . . . there is never a bad time for reflection.

I am sad for his little girl.