Friday, January 11, 2008

overcast, 50% chance of rain

i think weddings are a trick. i would love to be able to elope. mostly because i dont want to deal with all the hurt feelings and disappointment and expectations and planning that weddings are guaranteed to produce. anyway when i picture my perfect wedding i think it would be nice to have a couple of friends to watch (you have to have witnesses) and my dress is knee length and my family isnt there. i dont want a big wedding. but if i invite my parents i have to invite my siblings. and if i invite my siblings i have to invite my aunts and uncles. and then if they come the cousins will be there. and if my cousins are there friends from out of state will start coming. there is no stopping it.

anyway i was discussing my elopement plans with cicada* and i asked her to make me wedding announcements about my ideal wedding. i love them.

*if you are in the market for wedding announcements i recommend cicada. she is fantastic. she will take out the skulls if you want. but why would you want to?


Cicada said...

Thanks for the plug. I can't see a skull and not think of you.

natali said...

i am in the market for some new skull t shirts. keep your eyes open on threadless.